favourite newborn baby items.

During my pregnancy, the internet was like my new BFF. I was about to become a Mama and be responsible for caring for a little baby… and I didn’t have a clue. I often found myself Googling things like ‘top ten newborn products’ and ‘newborn essentials’ as I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed. When I started this research, I was pretty shocked at just how much stuff there is out there! It was all a bit overwhelming to be honest. I did find that the parent bloggers posts on this kind of thing were much more helpful than the big companies ‘you need this’ lists. 

So, I thought I would compile a list of things that we found to be great purchases. Big things anyway. Obviously nappies and wipes were also great purchases 😉 

Chicco Next2Me Crib – I’d been eyeing these bedside cribs up from early on but couldn’t decide which one to get. When it came down to it, I narrowed it down to the Chicco and the Snuzpod. We went and had a look at them both and opted for the Chicco as it’s much bigger, so we figured it would last longer. I actually preferred the overall look of it too. We opted for ‘silver’, though it’s definitely just light grey! I love that at night I can just slide Baba over and feed her. 

Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod – Although I was really happy we’d decided on the Chicco crib, it dawned on me that the baby will be absolutely lost in there during the first few months. Then people were saying that babies like to be all snug in order to sleep well, as if they are wrapped in their parents arms, that kinda thing. Cue more googling. I came across these pods, which fit perfectly in the crib and create a snug environment for babies to sleep in. I was sold. In hindsight, I could have done more Googling and found much cheaper versions. But heyho. We got it. We love it. Baba loves it. And she’s still sleeping in it now. 

our set up – chicco next2me, sleepyhead deluxe & ewan the dream sheep

Gro-Egg – Questions I often asked my parent friends were ‘what do you dress your baby in at night?’ And ‘how do you know if they’ll be warm enough?’. I’d read somewhere that a baby overheating is really quite dangerous, and they have no way of telling you that they are too hot (which is something I disagree with now when my little lady kicks her blanket off). The answer i’d usually get is that ‘you just sort of know’ which was neither use nor ornament. Enter the GroEgg. This little badboy sits on my bedside table and acts as a nightlight and thermometer. Glows red = too hot. Blue = too cold. Yellow = perfect. Orange = not perfect, but okay. We’ve found having this in our room every night to be invaluable. There were some nights where we’d wake up in the early hours and it would be glaring red at us. So we’d adjust baba’s clothing/blanket situation accordingly. It was money well spent for this Mama’s peace of mind.


Ewan the Dream Sheep – I’ve just realised that all my favourite products so far are sleep related. But makes sense I guess when teeny tiny babies do a lot of sleeping. If you’re lucky. Ewan was an impulse buy actually. I saw him on the shelf in Boots, remembered seeing it in one of the thousand ‘essentials’ lists and that was that. We’ve used him every night and it definitely helps to sooth little baba to sleep. Sometimes during the night she’ll stir a little. So i’ll squeeze one of his feet (the lullaby is the fave) and she’ll drift back off. Winner winner…

ewan the dream sheep

Isofix base – whoever invented these need a big bloody pat on the back. Car seat in. Car seat out. No faff. No seat belts to wrap around! I love that it does a little ‘du-ding’ to let you know it’s in correctly. Major thumbs up from me. We also opted for the ‘family fix’ base as it fits toddler car seats too. 

Bath support – the first few baths were done in a proper baby bath. Mainly because it was all knew to us so it just made things easier having so much access to baba. Once we’d mastered it (I think it took three baths!) we ditched the giant bit of plastic and made the move to the big bath! We used this bath support from Mothercare and it’s great. We have two hands free to wash and play with baba. She is fully supported – there’s no worries about her going under the water etc. I’d definitely recommend a seat of some sort for bath time.

bath support
baba in the bath!

What were your newborn essentials?

Items mentioned:

Chicco Next2Me Crib

Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod
Ewan the Dream Sheep


Isofix Family Fix Base

Bath Support


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