teething products: tried and tested

Our poor little Baba is teething, bad. She has been for a while now. Luckily she’s not in pain all day every day. And she’s her usual happy self when they are not playing her up. But when they start, she’s not a happy bunny. It’s usually at night time, why does everything always seem worse at night?! Despite this, there’s still no sign of any gnashers. Sad face. 

our supplies.

I’ve heard some parents say things like, “oh, he just woke up with two teeth!”. These babies (and parents!) are so very lucky! It’s such a hard time watchingyour little one go through teething. It’s horrible seeing them so uncomfortable and in pain. As an adult, there’s nothing worse than tooth ache, and we can just pop some strong painkillers. Poor babies. 

When she first started showing signs of teething (excessive drooling, rosy cheeks, chewing on everything etc), we stocked up on Bonjela and hoped for the best. What we learnt, pretty quickly, is that Bonjela just won’t cut it.

We asked around, googled it, and had a look what was on the shelves. Here are our thoughts on what we’ve tried: 

Bonjela –

– its the first thing that comes to mind when you think of teething. To be honest, if she wasn’t teething so hard I  think it would have sufficed. But it just didn’t with Baba. Compred to the other stuff it’s just not strong enough. Good to have as a back up though. 

Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powders – 

– we’d heard about these from a few different sources and the general feedback was that they were great. You pour half the sachet in babies mouth in the morning, and the other half in the evening. To be honest, i’m not sure how much these helped. We were using them religiously and it was a case of ‘she could be much worse if we stopped them’. We did stop using them though when we were introduced to the next item on the list… 

Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules –

– the same sort of thing as the A&P granules, but with these you can use then every two hours, and use the whole sachet. We gave them a whirl, as we would (and still will) try anything to help poor Baba, and really noticed it helped her. Within just a few minutes her mouth goes numb – we can tell because of the extreme slobbering, lols. She really likes them too! As soon as she sees the sachet she’s opening her mouth in a ‘gimmie gimme’ fashion! A thumbs up from us!

Anbesol teething gel – 

– not to be confused with Anusol (a joke which never gets old in our house. Simple things!). This stuff is gooooood. I’m so glad we found it. It’s basically a much stronger Bonjela. And I know this, cos i’ve tried it. When we’d put it on her gums she’d squirm and pull a face, which led me to think she was just being a drama queen, so I tried it, and pulled the same face! It kinda tastes like the dentist. Definitely numbs the mouth. The only negative with this stuff is that it’s very slippery and so its hard to get it on the actual gums. But fear not… enter the liquid version..

Liquid Anbesol – 

– the holy grail ofteething  products, in my humble opinion anyway. This little bottle of stuff is on the same level as gold dust, or unicorn tears. A little bit on the finger, rubbed on Baba’s gums and a crying, grumpy, teething baby is instantly consoled. It’s strong stuff, but you can only use it every 3 hours. Brucey Bonus, it lasts ages. Definitely recommend this product. It’s our BFF ❤

Dentinox teething gel –

– another teething gel we have tried is this one. Again, it’s stronger than Bonjela, but in this case not as strong as Anbesol. We tend to use this inbetween the Anbesol and Teetha powder, as a sort of ‘top up’. It works well for us but sticking a blob on her dummy and then rubbing it on her gums. Bottom line: would repurchase.

Calpol – 

– ahhh Calpol you little beauty. We held off from using this for a while, as we didn’t want to be dosing her up every day. But we’ve found on the really bad nights, a little 2.5ml dose works wonders. It clearly takes the edge off for Baba and allows her to get some much needed, non-interrupted sleep. 

Teething toys – 

– there are soooo many teething toys out there. And I feel like we have a large proportion of them, ha. To tell you the truth, it’s not just the specific teething toys that Baba shoves in her mouth… it’s everything she can get her hands on! But there are a few things that she does love to have a good chew on. The first is this soft water teething ring from Mothercare. You can freeze it too but we haven’t done that, yet. The other is this Nuby teething ring. 

Another thing we have heard of, but are yet to try, are amber beads. People swear by them. I’m reluctant to try them though as I don’t really like the idea of her wearing a bracelet or necklace made of beads. I’m led to believe you can get anklets, which i’d maybe feel a little more comfortable about. For now I think we’ll stick with what works for us. But i’ll report back if we do try the beads! 

Shop the products:

Ashton and Parsons Infants’ Powders
Nelsons Teetha Granules
Anbesol Teething Gel
Anbesol Liquid
Dentinox Teething Gel
Mothercare Teething Ring
Nuby Teether


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