5 months old.

Norah Isabelle aka Baba! ❤

our happy lady.

Age: 5 months/22 weeks.

Weight: 12 lb 7 oz/3.65 kg

Nappy size: Size 2

Clothing size: she’s mainly in 0-3/up to 3month clothes. Some of her 3-6 month clothes fit. I’ve found different shops have slightly different sizes though. Annoying!

(Mama is sick of people saying how small she is – as if i’m not feeding her or something?! She is following her centile line perfectly and according to our health visior, is just where she should be!) 

Nicknames: baba – still our number one nickname! But also Mandy, our little private joke!

Health: she’s teething pretty bad, and she’s not happy about it one bit! Not at night time anyway. She’s extremely slobbery, has red gums, gets little rosey cheeks and has the occasional sore bum. Her little ‘it’s hurting’ cry just breaks my heart. If only I could take it away for her 😦

Sleeping: well because of the whole teething thing, her sleep isn’t the best at the minute. At least, that’s what we think is the reason. We start her bedtime routine (bath, book, feed) at around 6:30pm and she’s usually down for 7:30pm. She’s waking every couple of hours. Not always for a feed. Sometimes just for a whinge and a cuddle. Around 5/6am she’s wide awake and wants to play, so up we get. Luckily (for me), she’s ready for a nap at 9am ish. I’ve noticed if she doesn’t have at least an hour then she’s a grouchy bum all day.

Eating: she’s still exclusively on mama’s milk. Half of me is looking forward to weaning but the other half is sad that she won’t be relying on me all the time. Is that silly?! I don’t think it will be long before we introduce food though. Let the weaning research commence!

Activity: rolling, rolling, rolling! And back again. She’s been rolling since 15 weeks and she still looks so proud of herself each time she does it! She also lifts her bum right up in the air, pulls her legs under, then shoots forward. As soon as she works out how to move her arms at the same time, she’ll be off! She grabs everything now. Everything within reach, she’ll grab. This includes my hair, my glasses, my clothes, my nose, my lips, and much to his delight, Dada’s chest hair! She’s also mastered the 360 degree turn! It makes me laugh watching her spin around. Grabbing everything on route!

Loves: the nursery rhyme ‘two little dickie birds’ is her absolute fave. She also loves the programme Sydney Sailboat. Which i’ve grown quite fond of. Oh, and the oompa loompa song?!! She loves bath time and splashes around like a lunatic! Blowing rasperries and gurgling spit – such a lady. She loves being lifted in the air. And most things me and Dada say to her! We’re clearly very funny! 😉

Dislikes: not much actually! Teething, obviously. Oh, she dislikes not being able to crawl! She’ll roll on to her tummy and get so frustrated that she can’t move forward. Her little frustrated squeal is super cute though.

Speech: no words or words that resemble words just yet. But she’s very vocal! Lots of cooing, gurgling and baby talking!

Milestones: she can sit unaided, but not for very long. I think she’d sit for longer if she wasn’t so nosey! Something or someone catches her eye and she’ll fall over in that direction!

Social life: we go to Music Bugs class once a week and she loves it. Lots of nursery rhymes, sensory play, props and lots more. It’s nice for me too as I get to chat with other Mama’s. We’ve just booked her some swimming lessons too!! I’m so excited. The term starts in a few weeks and runs for 10 weeks. We haven’t actually taken her swimming yet, despite meaning to, so we can’t wait to see what she’s like in the water. If the bath is anything to go by, she’ll love it!

A note to Baba: My little love, I can’t quite believe that you are five months old. Time really does fly. You amaze me every single day and your curiosity of this world is so endearing. I still can’t quite believe that we made you, and I never tire of watching you. You are the happiest baby and I’m so so proud to be your Mama.


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